Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Two Plus Two program...

Our Two Plus program is designed to extend the life of larger flags and reduce the cost of ownership. We provide you with a pristeen flag and we set aside a second flag in reserve for you. When the original flag is due for repairs, we invoice and replace the initial flag with a second one, and we repair the original flag. Once repaired and invoiced, we either store it in our warehouse (local customers only) or ship it back to you. When the second flag is due for repairs, they are swapped and the second flag is repaired. This cycle continues for as long as each flag is repairable. Once they get to the point where they can no longer be repaired, we replace them with a new flag and start over.

The larger the flag size, the more value this program will provide. The repaired flags will appear new when they are flown, and you will constantly have great looking flags. Much better than stretching a flag to get more life out of it and having it badly torn or faded. Customers (especially veterans) will go somewhere else because of a shabby looking flag.

This program will extend your investment in your patriotic presentation and save you money in the long haul. The minute a flag shows any wear and tear, you replace it with your second flag and we pick it up and repair it.