Sunday, October 2, 2022
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US Flag Poly-MAX HD

From $33.95
Poly-MAX U.S. Flags made with EverLast 300+ (The world's most superior flag fabric.) Advanced flags begin with advanced 21st Century polymers resulting in superior 18-gauge two-ply ring spun fibers. See Description below for information on Reinforced models.


US Flag Poly-MAX HD

The strongest flag material available today! Using advanced 21st Century Polymers results in a superior 18-gauge two-ply ring-spun fiber material that will outlast any other fiber.

The Warp count (Threads per Square Inch running length of the fiber) to Fill count (Threads Per Square Inch running width of the fiber) yields the strongest fabric used in flag construction today (190+ pounds per square inch). This material will outlast and shine brighter than any other Polyester fabric available today!

Reinforced models have our Patented Reinforcement System added to both the upper and lower fly corners.

This item is available in the following models

Model Code Price Weight Information
PF5 US-3x5 Poly-MAX HD PF5 $33.95 2.00
PF5S US-3x5 PolyExtra HD PF5S $37.95 2.00
PF5A US 3x5 Polyester HD PF5A $35.95 0.00
PF6 US-4x6 Poly-MAX HD PF6 $43.95 3.00
PF6S US-4x6 PolyExtra HD PF6S $51.95 3.00
PF6A US-4x6 Polyester HD PF6A $48.95 3.00
PF6DR US-4x6 Poly-MAX HD Reinforced PF6DR $67.95 3.00
PF8 US-5x8 Poly-MAX HD PF8 $65.95 4.00
PF8S US-5x8 Poly-MAX HD PF8S $76.95 4.00
PF8A US-5x8 Poly-MAX HD PF8A $69.95 4.00
PF8DR US-5x8 Poly-MAX HD Reinforced PF8DR $92.95 4.00
PF9 US-5x91/2 Poly-MAX HD PF9 $78.95 4.00
PF9VS US-5x91/2 Poly-MAX HD Reinforced PF9VS $102.95 4.00
PF10 US-6x10 Poly-MAX HD PF10 $95.95 5.00
PF10S US-6x10 Poly-MAX HD PF10S $109.95 5.00
PF10A US-6x10 Polyester HD PF10A $118.95 5.00
PF10DR US-6x10 Poly-MAX HD Reinforced PF10DR $119.95 5.00
PF10SDR US-6x10 Poly-MAX HD Reinforced PF10SDR $138.95 5.00
PF10ADR US-6x10 Poly-MAX HD Reinforced PF10ADR $144.95 5.00