Saturday, November 25, 2017
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 S I Telescoping Flag Pole
S I Telescoping Flag Pole
From $229.95
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S I Telescoping Flag Pole

From $229.95
The heaviest Telescoping Flagpoles in the U.S.A. 10-Gauge 6013 Aircraft Aluminum is stronger than steel. 2.75 inch Diameter Base, 5-Section pole.
TSFP-Superior I

S I Telescoping Flag Pole

Proudly designed and fabricated by Americans for Americans and All those who appreciate high quality. The most expensive materials and finest labor and yet THE LEAST EXPENSIVE price offered in the market.

The  "Superior" telescoping flagpole consists of 5 sections for the best Compactibility, Strength and Beauty. Most other manufacturers only use 4 sections.

We use only HIGHEST quality 10 GAUGE heavy-duty aluminum aircraft aluminum instead of a 16 gauge lower tensil strength used by other manufacturers.

We DO NOT USE any flimsy internal Lexan or Polycarbonate PLASTIC BUSHINGS and SPACERS known to deteriorate and rot or small SPRINGS that will break, pop out or accidentally drop the individual sections after some time.

All the crucial parts for the operation of our flagpoles are made from either STAINLESS STEEL and/or ALUMINUM plus New thermoplastic materials for long lasting performance.

We also have included a ground sleeve with LOCKING capabilities to prevent theft and/or unwanted damage due to vibration from strong winds.

So don't settle for mediocrity and higher prices when you can have the strongest and finest telescoping flagpole -'s Superior I.


  • 3" Gold Finial Ball;
  • 3 Extra thick carbon fiber swivel rings for a complete 360 degrees rotation of one or two flags;
  • 4 rust proof stainless steel clips;
  • Simple and easy to follow installation instructions;
  • 15 Year W A R R A N T Y (Including Weather)- unparallelled in the industry.

When comparing the strength of our poles versus our competitors:

  • 6013 aluminum virtually doubles the strength of the pole
  • 10-Gauge wall thickness versus 16-Gauge of other flagpoles will add 1/3 additional strength to the pole
  • 5 sections instead of 4 sections of other flagpoles, will also give you additional strength

Suggested Flag Sizes:25 ft  -  4'x6'

This item is available in the following models

Model Code Price Weight Information
Superior I Tele-Pole 25ft - Silver TSFP-SI-25-S $229.95 25.00 2 3/4" Base - 5 Section Telecoping Flag Pole