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September 23, 2023
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Poland Flag

Poland Flag

From $23.95
United Nations Flag for the Country of Poland.


Poland Flag

United Nations Flag for the Country of Poland.

Expertly crafted using heavyweight bunting material of 100% Nylon. All flags have 4 rows of stitching on the fly end for added durability. All side seams are double-stitched and finished with heavy-duty, no-shrink white header material for the strongest headers in the industry. These nylon flags offer lustrous beauty, superior wear plus excellent flyability even in the slightest breeze.

This item is available in the following models

Model Code Price Weight Information
Poland Flag - 3x5 Nylon UNPolNF5 $23.95 1.00
Poland Flag - 4x6 Nylon UNPolNF6 $31.95 1.00
Poland Flag - 5x8 Nylon UNPolNF8 $53.95 1.00
Poland Flag - 6x10 Nylon UNPolNF10 $88.95 2.00
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