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October 3, 2023
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US Flag Nylon - Qty 6+

From $23.89
US Nylon Flags Quantity of 6 or more This is our standard sewn strip and sewn star model, in 200 denier Nylon.


US Flag Nylon - Qty 6+

Pricing for flags on this page are only valid when 6 or more units of one size are ordered.

Orders for less than 6 items will be priced at the 3+ pricing, and the quantity shipped will be reduced. You will be credited back on your charge card for the difference.


This item is available in the following models

Model Code Price Weight Information
NF5 US-3x5 Nylon-Qty 6+ N5-Q6 $23.89 12.00 Frt Paid over $100.00
NF6 US-4x6 Nylon-Qty 6+ N6-Q6 $33.24 12.00 Frt Paid over $100.00
NF6DR US-4x6 Nylon Reinforced-Qty 6+ N6DR-Q6 $55.68 12.00 Frt Paid over $100.00
NF8 US-5x8 Nylon-Qty 6+ N8-Q6 $47.32 18.00 Frt Paid over $100.00
NF8DR US-5x8 Nylon Reinforced-Qty 6+ N8DR-Q6 $72.68 18.00 Frt Paid over $100.00
NF10 US-6x10 Nylon-Qty 6+ N10-Q6 $71.64 30.00 Frt Paid over $100.00
NF10DR US-6x10 Nylon Reinforced-Qty 6+ N10DR-Q6 $98.99 30.00 Frt Paid over $100.00
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