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October 3, 2023
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Navy Flag

From $16.95
Navy Flags and Retired Navy Flags


Navy Flag

Nylon Outdoor Service Flags

Unsurpassed in beauty and craftsmanship, these Service flags are manufactured to precise specifications. Authentic seals and designs are always in correct proportion to the flag size. Our Aniline-Dye process duplicates complex emblems with exacting accuracy in brilliant, fast colors. These flags are expertly crafted using 100% heavyweight, 200-denier nylon bunting specially treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. America's #1 choice, these flags are extremely durable and fast drying. All outdoor flags are finished with a strong, durable snow-white header and brass grommets.

Poly-MAX Outdoor Service Flags

Recognized as the most durable of all flag fabrics, our Poly-MAX State Flags are skillfully crafted of 2-ply 100% polyester bunting. Its open weave construction reduces wind resistance, therefore lessening abrasion and increasing flag life. This material is resistant to damage from wind, dirt and moisture and is ideal for industrial and institutional applications. Designed specifically for the needs of the most discriminating customer, this flag will prove to be the most durable, longest lasting flag available.

VS models have 4 rows of Vertical Stitching and Re-Inforced corners added to extend their flying life.

This item is available in the following models

Model Code Price Weight Information
Navy - 3x5 Nylon O/D Flag NA-N5 $31.95 1.00 Navy 3x5 Nylon O/D Flag
Navy - 4x6 Nylon O/D Flag NA-N6 $79.95 2.00 Navy 4x6 Nylon O/D Flag
Navy - 5x8 Nylon O/D Flag NA-N8 $113.95 3.00 Navy 5x8 Nylon O/D Flag
Navy - 6x10 Nylon O/D Flag NA-N10 $197.95 2.00 Navy - 6x10 Nylon O/D Flag
Navy - 3x5 Poly-MAX O/D Flag NA-P5 $60.95 1.00 Navy 3x5 Poly-MAX O/D Flag
Navy - 3x5 Nylon O/D Flag (Retired) NA-N5R $16.95 1.00 Navy 3x5 Nylon O/D Flag (Retired)
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