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December 11, 2023
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 Spinning Pole Flag Set
Spinning Pole Flag Set
From $52.95
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Indoor/Parade Mounting Set

From $129.95
Indoor/Parade Mounting Set to convert any standard flag to a fringed indoor display unit.


Indoor/Parade Mounting Set

Indoor/Parade Mounting Set Includes the following:

  • Brass-Plated Perched Eagle Ornament
  • 8ft x 1 1/8 in 2-pc Pole w/ Brass Screw Joint (Available in either Gold Aluminum or Oak)
  • Gold Cord and Tassel
  • 12 in Endura Gold Anodized Floor Stand

This will mount any standard Pole Hem flag as a display/parade unit. Pole Hems can be added to almost any flag in our system.

This item is available in the following models

Model Code Price Weight Information
Indoor/Parade Mounting Set-Aluminum 8 Ft FA-301MS $148.95 19.00 Ornament, Cord/Tassel, Pole & Stand
Indoor/Parade Mounting Set-Oak 8 Ft FW-301MS $160.95 21.00 Ornament, Cord/Tassel, Pole & Stand
Indoor/Parade Mounting Set-Oak 9 Ft FW-46-MS $129.95 22.00 Ornament, Cord/Tassel, Pole & Stand
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