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October 3, 2023
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Dive Flag

Divers Flag

From $49.94
Sewn Nylon Scuba Diver Flag


Divers Flag

Made in the USA!

These are not printed flags. They are sewn from 200 Denier Nylon, with chain stitch seams for added strength.

Nylon material is color fast and will remain bright much longer than Polyester.


This item is available in the following models

Model Code Price Weight Information
Scuba Diver Flag 3x5 Nylon Sewn SDFN5 $49.94 1.00
Scuba Diver Flag 4x6 Nylon Sewn SDFN6 $59.95 1.00
Scuba Diver Flag 5x8 Nylon Sewn SDFN8 $74.95 2.00
Scuba Diver Flag 6x10 Nylon Sewn SDFN10 $94.95 2.00
Scuba Diver Flag 8x12 Nylon Sewn SDFN12 $146.95 3.00
Scuba Diver Flag 10x15 Nylon Sewn SDFN15 $189.95 4.00
Scuba Diver Flag 12x18 Nylon Sewn SDFN18 $274.95 5.00
Scuba Diver Flag 15x25 Nylon Sewn SDFN25 $474.95 6.00
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