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September 23, 2023
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Attraction Flags

Solid Color Attention Flags

From $14.95
Stock Solid Attention Flags


Solid Color Attention Flags

We have chosen the most attractive flags and colors to be stocked and made ready for attractive prices.

Standard Colors include the following:

White, Mint Green, Irish Green, Emerald, Dartmouth, Bell Blue, U.N. Blue, French Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Legion Blue, O.G. Blue, Pansy, Buff, Spice Brown, FM Yellow, Daffodil, Spanish Yellow, Orange, Canada Red, O.G. Red, Maroon, Silver, Grey, Charcoal and Black.

Made of our standard Endura-MAX Nylon fabric, our flags are finished with canvas heading and brass grommets.

This item is available in the following models

Model Code Price Weight Information
Nylon Attention Flags - Std Colors 3x5 SCN5SC $14.95 1.00
Nylon Attention Flags - Std Colors 4x6 SCN6SC $19.95 1.00
Nylon Attention Flags - Std Colors 5x8 SCN8SC $29.95 1.00
Nylon Attention Flags - Std Colors 6x10 SCN10SC $43.95 2.00
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