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September 23, 2023
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Durable Flags uses 'Durable Reinforcement' system...

Many different techniques have been tried to reinforce flags to make them fly longer on the pole. This includes additional stitching on the fly hem, corner reinforcement panels, vertical stitching accross the stipes at the hem, and various attempts to make the flags stonger.

We had a reinforcement system available to us from Eder Flagpole, but we find that their system does not perform anywhere close to a local patented system. And it was developed right here in Omaha!

We began using this system many years ago after trying all of the various options listed above. And it was so much better than the rest of the systems we had previously used that we decided to switch.

Like the Vitraza commerical on TV, we were so impressed with the process that we recently purchased the patent!

While it costs a little more than the Vertical Stitching system Eder Flagpole provides, it is well worth the difference.   

Here is a quote from Teague Williams of Camping World in Sioux Falls, SD: "We fly large 40' x 80' US Flags. I have never had a flag last this long on our pole. What a great product!"

So our DR (Durable Reinforcement) option provides the longest flying Nylon or Poly-MAX US Flags on the market today, bar none!

We guarantee that our DR US Flags will fly longer than any standard Nylon or Poly-MAX flag on the market today, or we will take it back!



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