Friday, December 9, 2022
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Commercial Flagpole Sizes and Finishes

Commercial In-Ground Flag Poles come in a variety of styles and sizes.

External Halyard (external ropes) provide an economical pole for both residential and commercial use. Sizes range from 20 ft to 70 ft.

Internal Halyard (internal ropes or cables) models provide a rich architectural appearance and security of goods. Keys are required to access the internal halyard assembly to raise or lower the flags. Sizes range from 20 ft to 100 ft.


Standard Commercial Flagpole finishes are as follows:


Finish Description Sample
Satin (sanded)  Satin finish is achieved in a multi-pass, mechanical rotary sanding operation utilizing specially formulated abrasives.  
Anodized Clear (ACL) Anodizing is the electrochemical passivation process by which the surface layer of an aluminum substrate is converted into an aluminum oxide layer.
Anodized Bronze (ADB) The addition of a bronze tint to the Anode bath process produces the bronze color (tint #313).  
Anodized Black (ABL) The addition of a black tint to the Anode bath process produces the black color (tint #325).  


Powder coat paint finishes are also available, with almost unlimited colors. White is the most common Powder Coat finish.