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September 23, 2023
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100% US Materials and Labor...

Every Flag and Flag Pole we sell is guaranteed 100% American made. Right down to the raw materials. And American labor too!

Made from only the Finest Materials...

Strength, Durability, Visibility. Every flag manufacturer today uses standard 200 denier (200 threads per inch) Nylon purchased in large rolls. These rolls of material are produced by only one or two manufacturers, and then sold to each flag manufacturer. Each flag manufacturer adds a marketing name to their Nylon fabric, such as Endura-Nylon, SolarMax, Nyl-GLo, All Weather Nylon, and possibly more. The fabric is tough, durable, long-lasting and specifically designed for active outdoor use. It exibits tremendous strength retention under UV exposure as well as world-class tensile and tear strength. Because of it's strength, Nylon fabrics will increase overall performance, and are highly resistant to UV fading, allowing the use of deeper, brighter colors that will last over time. In addition, Nylon fabric offer better washfastness and light-fastness then other fabrics, so they will retain their good looks long after the competition has called it a day.

Don't be fooled by a flag seller stating that their Nylon flags will outlast any other Nylon flag on the market. The durability of Nylon flags has little to do with the material, and almost everything to do with the production process and sewing/stitching features that the manufacturer deploys during production. If you compare our flags to others, you will find that our manufacturer (Eder Flag and Flagpole) uses only the best proven processes to create their flags. We have sold many manufacturer's product over the past 20 plus years until we found Eder Flag, and their manufacturing process and quality is second to none! We will put our flag quality up against any other supplier on the market today! Follow this link to see the additional steps and processes Eder does to make their flags the best on the market today!

How does all of this benefit you?

Durable Flags owns the only Patent for Reinforcement of US Flags! We had been using this system for the past several years, and it proved to be superior to anything else we had tried, including manufacturer applied reinforcement. Follow this link to get more information on our Durable Reinforcement process!

Your Durable Reinforced flag will provide the most attractive and best flying U.S. Flag available from any manufacturer in the United States. Durable flags make a statement because they look better and last longer, they give your business, institution, or home a cost-effective means for displaying your national pride with a great flying flag...for the longest period of time.

Our Patented Reinforced flags are the toughest in the industry! We will put our flag products up against any other manufacturer for durability and looks, both out of the box and long term!

Stronger Than Steel!

Our Telescoping Flagpoles are manufactured to rigid specifications. Poles are available in three different colors and two different heights. These poles use no plastic parts that deteriorate over time. Instead, they use a Lexan-Carbonite material that is the strongest composite on the market today. We have also eliminated the internal springs that can rust or break and cause the pole to suddenly drop. And NO push pins that lock the pole sections together. Our poles come with a lifetime warranty on all carbon fiber parts, stainless steel snaps and accessories. Poles include a 3" Annodized Gold Ball finial, full 360 degree carbon fiber Swivel Rings and Stainless Steel clips for two flags (or one at half staff). And a 4x6 US Flag is also included at no charge!

Commercial Flag Poles..

We provide a complete line of Commercial Flag Poles. External and Internal Halyard models that come in a variety of diameters and wall thicknesses.

For a small sample brochure about the various type of products we have to offer, click on this link...

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Your flag from will provide the most attractive and best flying U.S. Flag available from any manufacturer in the United States. Our flags make a great statement, because they look better and last longer. They give any business, institution, or home a cost-effective means for displaying their national pride with a great flying flag…and it will be the best looking and longest lasting flag you have ever purchased.

And if you subscribe to our
Two Plus program for 8x12 and larager flags, you will be guaranteed that the U.S. Flags you fly will look pristeen and show off your business for years to come.

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